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Pride Month Book List

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the book list for Pride Month! This month, the book list is in the form of a PDF document. Click the button below to download it and share it with your loved ones!

The book list is organized into genres with a mix of adult and young adult titles across all of the categories. In addition, there is a category at the end for younger children. The genre order is as follows:

  • Mystery, Thriller & Horror
  • Literary Fiction, Contemporary & Historical Fiction
  • Romance
  • Graphic Novels & Manga
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy & Speculative Fiction
  • Poetry & Short Story Collections
  • Nonfiction
  • New Releases
  • Middle Grade & Children’s Fiction

Find a genre that you like, and search for a book recommendation in that genre!

If you have a specific perspective in mind you would like to read from (i.e. ace, lesbian, trans, etc.) then you can reference the flags on the right hand side of each book to see the representation featured in that book!

If you are unsure about any terminology or flag used in this book list, you can reference the index or the links posted at the end of this book list in the Resources section to learn more!


We tried our best to research each book and author to be sure we were using the correct pronouns and that we listed the correct representation featured in each book. However, in the event that we made an error, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know so that we can correct it!

Finally, don’t forget to read diversely all year round! If you can’t get to these books in June then add them to your reading lists for the rest of the year as well.

Be sure to always treat everyone with kindness and respect!

Happy Pride everyone! We hope you enjoy this book list.

With love,

The Penn Hills Staff

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